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The specialised book "Precious Materials Handbook" by Umicore Precious Materials Handbook
The '' illustrates how metal-based materials like precious metals and compounds, catalysts, battery materials and materials for solar cells contribute ...
€29.80 * RRP €89.00 *
Das Fachbuch "Pneumatic Conveying Systems" von David Mills und Vijay Agarwal Pneumatic Conveying Systems
The critical design parameter in any pneumatic conveying system is the conveying line inlet air velocity. With different grades of the same material care must be exercised in design and specification of the plant and components. Emphasis...
€39.80 * RRP €98.00 *
Die CD-ROM "Pipe Elements/Rohrleitungsbauteile" von Hans-Jürgen Bullack Pipe Elements (CD-ROM)
The universal tool for calculation and design of pipeline components according to EN 13480-3: 2002/ 2005.
€249.00 *
The Specialised Book "Leveling with Roller Levelers" by Horst Bräutigam und Sascha Becker Leveling with Roller Levelers
The topic of sheet leveling is more current than ever. This book lights the subject and explains what happens during the leveling process on roller levelers.
€29.80 *
The Specialised Book "The Laser as a Tool" by Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller (Hrsg.) The Laser as a Tool
A specialised Book about a universal Tool in the World of industrial Material Processing.
€59.00 *
The Specialised Book "Fascination of Sheet Metal" by Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller (Hrsg.) Fascination of Sheet Metal
A specialised Book about sheet metal processing – from the design engineer's idea all the way to the finished part.
€59.00 *
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