PROCESS Insights 2020-05

PROCESS Insights 2020-05
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  • 978-3-8343-2617-1
  • 2020-05
  • Dr. Heinz Zimmermann
  • 12
Challenges for EPC Contractors   With an influx of largescale petrochemical... more

Challenges for EPC Contractors


With an influx of largescale petrochemical construction projects, EPC Contractors will have to be confronted with challenges such as finding enough capacity and quality of construction manpower, delayed permits etc. which require an EPC strategy to stay competitive in this ever-growing market.

This 12-page Process Insight will discuss the current changes in the EPC business and the impact of these changes on EPC projects. Besides the effect of the Coronavirus as well as the current oil price crash on the contracting industry will also be analyzed and an outlook for the industry will be given.



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