Pipe Elements (CD-ROM)

Die CD-ROM "Pipe Elements/Rohrleitungsbauteile" von Hans-Jürgen Bullack
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  • 978-3-8343-3123-6
  • 1st edition 2008
  • Hans-Jürgen Bullack
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Pipe Elements (CD-ROM) The universal tool for calculation and design of pipeline components... more

Pipe Elements (CD-ROM)

The universal tool for calculation and design of pipeline components

Calculation modules according to EN 13480-3:2002/2005

A universal tool for calculation and piping design according to the EN 13480-3:2002/ 2005 specification. The tool offers 23 modules for the most vital design features and proof of piping elements.

Rating of pipe components under internal pressure load

  • Pipe, elbow, segment elbow, reducer, eccentric reducer
  • Built in neck: vertical, bevelled, fitting, branch off in elbow
  • Curved heads: without neck, with neck
  • Flat head (without neck, with neck): brimmed, blind flange, with reinforcement ribs
  • Simplified stress calculation (elasticity analysis
  • Load rating and leakage proof: welded neck flange, slip on flange

Rating of pipe components under external pressure load

  • Pipe / Cylindrical shell: unstiffened, profile stiffened, reducer, dished head

Rating of pipe components under alternating pressure load

  • Welded components, build in neck

The calculation can be carried out alternatively in English or in German in a technical data sheet, which can be printed as a verification document or a project record. Help and comment functions as well as specific database entries are integrated to ease the design. Recalculations and design can be carried out on-site or in the office with minimal training. Each calculation can be individually assessed and adjusted to give optimal results. The data base is expandable, and can be modified to incorporate different codes and standards.

System requirements:
Microsoft Excel up from version 97
Adobe Acrobat Reader up from version 4.0

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download_icon  English manual
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