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PROCESS Insights 2020-06 PROCESS Insights 2020-06
In this paper the economic evaluation of petrochemical projects after Corona is discussed.
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PROCESS Insights 2020-05 PROCESS Insights 2020-05
In this paper the current changes in the EPC business and the impact of these changes on EPC projects will be discussed.
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PROCESS Insights 2020-04 PROCESS Insights 2020-04
In this paper the US shale revolution and its effect on the petrochemical industry worldwide will be reviewed and analyzed.
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PROCESS Insights 2020-03 PROCESS Insights 2020-03
Die Ölpreise sind auf einem historischen Tiefstand. Dieser exklusive Sonderbericht zeigt Gründe für den jüngsten Preisrückgang auf und gibt Prognosen für die zukünftige Entwicklung.
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PROCESS Insights 2020-02 PROCESS Insights 2020-02
The Polypropylene market is currently facing a considerable reduction in prices in some part of the world. This Expert Insight offers reasons and suggestions for dealing with this situation.
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PROCESS Insights 2020-01 PROCESS Insights 2020-01
The Polyethylene market is experiencing a reduction in price. This Expert Insight explores reasons for the decline as well as possible strategies to mitigate the problems.
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