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Cost Estimation in Plant Construction

Ibrahim Kar / Michael Berz

Auflage1st edition 2021
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Product information "Cost Estimation in Plant Construction"

Cost Estimation in Plant Construction

At the early project stages of plant construction, cost estimates for projects in the process industry are a prerequisite for gaining a competitive advantage in a global market with increasing commodity prices, engineering and installation costs.

This book gives readers a detailed overview of the structure of cost estimates in brownfield and greenfield plant projects and the method of preparing the required accompanying documentation. Using a project example, the book presents a cost estimate with different levels of accuracy. The attachment comprises cost estimation templates and corresponding documents that can also be ordered separately from the publisher as Word and Excel files.

 Basics of cost estimation

  • Cost estimation types, classes and methods
  • Planning (engineering)
  • Equipment and material procurement
  • Installation and construction
  • Exemplary templates

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Kfm. IBRAHIM KAR Following his education as a technical draughtsman and his university studies, he has been working as a development engineer, scientific assistant, project manager and project service engineer. Currently, his main areas of activities at Royal Dutch Shell comprise costs, controlling and physical progress.


Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) MICHAEL BERZ Discipline Head Cost Estimator in the Project Services Department of Worley Projects GmbH. He is responsible for the preparation and presentation of TIC estimates in various project phases for clients in the chemical and petrochemical industries.



Cost Estimation in Plant Construction - Templates (Download)
Cost Estimation in Plant Construction - Templates (Download)
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Die frei editierbaren Templates sind ein praktisches Tool für Kostenschätzer, die Begleitdokumente für eine Kostenschätzung erstellen.