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Heat Transfer Technique with Organic Fluids

Walter Wagner

Auflage3rd edition 2019
Language Englisch
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Product information "Heat Transfer Technique with Organic Fluids"

Heat Transfer Technique with Organic Fluids


Heat transfer systems with organic fluids are widely used in industry. Engineers and planners who are responsible for plant construction must not only be up to date with the latest technology, but must also know and observe the legal framework as well as the conditions and standards in detail. In addition to a detailed and well-founded presentation of the basics of heat transfer technology, this comprehensive standard work offers the latest state of the art in the use of organic fluids. Furthermore, it explains the latest regulations which are essential for the design, construction and operation of heat transfer installations. Thematically, the book is rounded off with an overview of property data of organic heat transfer fluids as well as many use cases from practical experience.

The book covers all relevant topics of heat transfer technology:

  1. Introduction
  2. Heat Transfer Fluids
  3. Design of Heat Transfer Plants
  4. Fundamentals of Flow and Heat
  5. Heaters
  6. Plant Components
  7. Heat Consumers
  8. Measuring, Control and Circuit Technology
  9. Installation Specifications
  10. Operation of Heat Transfer Plants
  11. Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, Standards and Specifications of the EU and DIN
  12. Biomass CHP Plants with Organic Fluids (ORC Installations)
  13. Equations, Diagrams and Tables for Project Planning for Heat Transfer Fluid Installations in the Liquid Phase
  14. Overview Diagrams of Assemblies: Form Sheets with Sample Calculations
  15. Properties of Organic Heat Transfer Fluids
  16. Units and Conversion Tables
  17. Comparison of German and Foreign Rules and Standards
  18. Use Cases

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