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Patricia Piekenbrock

Auflage2nd edition 2019
Language Englisch
Product Type Book
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Product information "Bionics "


Learning from nature – impulses for innovation

Bionics is more than just biology and technology, it arouses curiosity and shows the way ahead in shaping future lifeworlds in a responsible manner. 25 years of bionics at Festo have yielded an enormous variety of projects. Technological innovations should always create added value both for humans and the worlds of flora and fauna. Nature constitutes the basis of bionics and is at the same time its ultimate objective. Even cooperation between humans and machines is increasingly oriented towards biological principles: robots interact with people sensitively and with consideration. Bionics is enabling complex questions to be resolved and the fourth industrial revolution to become reality.

Excerpt from the content:

  • Living naturally
  • People, the network and bionics
  • The robotic trunk
  • The chameleon gripper
  • The robotic dragonfly
  • The underwater robots
  • The robotic kangaroo
  • The robotic ants
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • Shaping lifeworlds

The book is accompanied by an app that includes 3D views and films on bionics projects.

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